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Stories of Lives Liberated


We are men and women, husbands and wives, young professionals and friends who were all enslaved by our own rebellion: our lies, desires, and passions; our addictions, worries, and envies; our greed, lust, and gluttony. In refusing to be bound by our own vices, we uncovered freedom.

The path we now walk is, today, very much neglected because trash and brush and other debris have concealed its beauty and shrouded its mysticism. Consequently, even the many who have hobbled along with us have not noticed its true splendor. We, however, having been beckoned by the Liberator who alone unveils this path, want to offer a gift to any who might receive it: freedom. Liberate Us is a movement of men and women who want everyone to know the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, for we were once lost, broken, and confused.

Our testimonies describe transformation. Our blogs restore perspective. Our concerts illuminate the Way. Our message is one:

You, too, can be Liberated.

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