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Stories of Lives Liberated



Before Christ I shared drinking stories. Now I share God stories.


Who I Was Before Christ

When I was a kid my best friend was Aaron. We were inseparable from the time we were 6 months old. He was a more social kid and loved adventure. We got into lots of trouble growing up. When we became teenagers we started to drink together. We also got into pot. I stopped using drugs when I went to college but Aaron got into even harder drugs and was in a rock band.

I was still drinking and in an unhealthy relationship myself. Aaron made his way down to Tennessee and checked into a Christian drug rehab program. I received a letter one day from him.

I could feel the change happening in him through the letter. It got me thinking about my own faith. Aaron called me up one night a few months after the letter and he told me he wanted to see me in heaven some day. This really upset me but got me thinking again.


What Changed?

Meanwhile a friend of mine in the Minneapolis area invited me to a church called the Rock. I was searching for something. There was something missing in my life. I was in a broken relationship, was battling depression and continued to drink.

Then after breaking up with my girlfriend, I literally came to a crossroads in my life. I could keep going down the road I was on or try to get to know the people at the Rock and see what it was all about. I chose the latter. I loved the genuine people at the Rock and their energetic faith. I began to read my Bible and make changes in my life. I made new friendships, steadily stopped drinking and my depression began to get better with the help of Christ.


Who I Am Now

I met my wife at my church. We married a few years back and just started a family. I couldn’t imagine not having Christ at the center of our marriage. We both spend time daily reading our bibles and praying. Often life may get hard but we have Jesus to turn to when we feel our troubles building. God gives us strength and encouragement in our daily lives. I often think what would Jesus do in any situation. God gives us direction every day. We also love the deep friendships we have at our church. They are people that support us when we are in need.

I feel a purpose and clarity in my life thanks to Christ. Aaron is still one of my best friends and brother in Christ. I thank the Lord for the work He did in both us.


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