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Stories of Lives Liberated

Champions of Truth

The Church is made up of servants, those individuals who have freely committed to living their lives lovingly. In places where the Church has grown or is now observing growth, we see people laying down their lives to advance Truth.


A Prophet Like No Other

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Long before America – with its dreams and wars, before modern inventions and philosophies, and even before the Word of God became flesh, died on a cross, and rose again- there lived a man named Isaiah. Isaiah lived during the 7th and 8th centuries B.C. in Jerusalem of Judah. He was a man of conviction and faith. He ministered to many, kings and commoners alike, and he preached for perhaps the latter 60 years of his life. Isaiah’s ministry likely began in 740 B.C. (contemporaneously with the final years of King Uzziah’s reign) and lasted until shortly after 680 B.C. (more…)

Paul of Tarsus

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Compared to one characteristic of Rome in the first century, a prison today is, well, rather cozy. Where once there was complete neglect, there now exists extensive healthcare; beds and cells have taken the place of iron chains and dark pits; people are rewarded for good behavior rather than being lashed for disobedience. (more…)

Clive Staples Lewis

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Atheists are notorious for attributing evil to God. God could not exist in a world so full of wickedness, they say. Just as we all have an image and a standard in our heads for who we are and should be, we also have one that depicts who God is and what he should do for us. When something frustrates that ideal we have pinned on Him, we blame.

Thanks for the cancer, God.

If you know those men are going to keep raping and terrorizing, why don’t you end them?

A second miscarriage? 


Sir Isaac Newton

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I can’t tell you that science and Christianity are compatible because you’ll laugh in my face.