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Stories of Lives Liberated


Once a man looking for love desperately in all the wrong places. Now a son of the Living God and filled to the brim with love.

Who I Was Before Christ:

I was born the oldest. I was the good kid that did what I was told. I grew up going to church and bible camp most of my childhood, and I knew that God existed but thought that I didn’t need Him. I got saved at a young age. I used to think that I would get baptized when I was ready. As I grew from being a child to a teen and into a man in my early 20s, I became a rather lukewarm Christian. I had my boundaries, but I didn’t look much different than everyone else that wasn’t saved. I even turned to alcohol at one point. I wanted to be the cool/fun person. Seeing my friends move on in life, I felt left behind and alone. I ended up struggling with loneliness. I struggled with porn for a long time as well because of the temporal feeling it gave me. I began using it as coping mechanism for the loneliness, but it only made it worse. I tried to give it to God but seeing my friends around me get married made it all that much harder.

What Changed?:

I felt that getting married was the thing to do and I wasn’t even dating. So, I figured there was something wrong with me. I found a woman through a friend and thought that it was a blessing from God. I got married in 2011 hoping that God had my back after the fact. Even though there were many aspects of the relationship that worried me, I just didn’t want to be alone anymore. After moving back home from Germany after a failed marriage in 2012 I struggled to find stable work. I got to the point where I was desperate and didn’t know who or where to turn to other than God. It wasn’t until I gave up trying and put my full trust in the Lord that things start to turn around. This led me to a long-term job and I got connected to people that were on fire for Christ.

Who I Am Now:

2013 was a year of change for me in my walk with Christ. I found a great community of people on fire for Christ. I realized that if I am going to take my walk with Christ seriously I can’t be be hypocritical like so many others. I was baptized that summer. I also had the love of Christ demonstrated to me through the friends I had. I got in a motorcycle accident without insurance and the church raised money to help me pay for my bills. I had never experience a love like that before. A love that can only be inspired by GOD. By hanging out with other people that have a genuine love for Christ, I have been inspired to grow by their examples. I have grown to be held accountable and keep others accountable through love. I have found myself wanting to serve my church and bring my relationship with Christ to another level.

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