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Stories of Lives Liberated

Daily Decay of the Modern Christian

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
Mahatma Gandhi

I have heard this quoted many times as people explain why they cannot believe in Christianity or the God many profess to follow.

I have heard many Christians argue that this statement is not true and we are indeed like Christ.  They point out the many amazing things Christians around the world are doing in the name of Jesus.  Hospitals are being built.  Schools are being built. The sick are being healed.  The starving are being fed.   The unlovable are being loved.  The lost are being reached.

While that is true, I am going to confess something a little radical: I think Gandhi was right.

Not in the sweeping generalization that all Christians are bad or that it weakens the power of Christianity, but he is right to say that many Christians are not like our Christ.

You only have to turn on the news to see stories of a broken world.  The men and women we see are less like Christ and more like those who killed him.

Does this diminish the message of Christianity?  Some would say so.  I would argue that it strengthens it.

The message of Christianity is simply this:  “While we were still sinners Christ came and died for us” (Rom 5:8).  While we were STILL sinners.  While we ARE still sinners.

The message is that God saw a broken and lost world and realized that we could not and never would be perfect.  We all sin.  We all fall short of the “holy” standard.  We cannot earn God’s love or His grace.

It was our sin that put Jesus on the cross, and the truth is that we do not escape our sinful nature automatically when we become a Christian.  It is true that we become new creations.  It is true that God does not see our sin when He looks at us, but we still live in a broken world and have consequences of broken lives.  The truth is: Christians sin.  Pastors sin.  Missionaries sin.  Non-profit workers and church staff  sin.  Christian authors and speakers and songwriters and musicians  sin.

The truth is people fail.  They hurt us.  They hurt themselves.  They hide and run away.  They push us away.  They don’t always act with the best of intentions or with our best interest in mind.   The truth is we are all broken people, but that is what makes the message of Christianity so amazing. Christ is whole.  We are broken.  We serve a good and loving God who makes broken things whole.  We serve a God who transforms us to make us  more like Christ.  We serve a God who can bring healing.   The Bible is filled with amazing stories of redemption.  David, an adulterer and a murderer, was a man after Gods own heart.  Noah was a drunk.  Jacob was a liar.  Rahab was a prostitute.  Jonah ran from God. Peter denied Christ.

These are all individuals that Gandhi would say are not like our Christ, but that is exactly why God’s grace and mercy shines so clearly in their stories.

It is in their story of brokenness and healing that we find hope.  It is in their story of redemption that we find courage.  It is in the darkness that we find the light.

Christ is unlike anyone who ever lived or ever will live, and THAT is the power of the Gospel.

My name is Jamie Quickert. I am married to an amazing man named Jacob.  I work as an event planner and love to travel, have dance parties in my living room, and collect old books in my free time. I have been a part of the Rock for fifteen years.

I grew following a once a week God that you met at Church and kept at arms length the rest of the week.  I now follow and day by day, minute by minute, second by second God.  I invite you to join me in the Thought Closet as I journey with God and discuss what He lays on my heart.


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