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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once enslaved to ancient law. Now a redeemed princess to a loving and powerful King. This is my Redemption Story.


Who I Was Before Christ

“What is redemption?” I have Jewish blood in me. An ancient Jewish law said that if someone became poor or widowed, a close relative could give up some of his wealth to purchase, or redeem, their land and marry the widow. This would free the relative from slavery and re-direct the redeemer’s inheritance into her future instead of just his. Here is my redemption story.
I was born the oldest of seven to a controlling and abusive mom, and a dad who did everything he could to keep the peace. At age 8, my parents’ marriage fell apart. My dad tried unsuccessfully to get custody. Every detail of my life was completely controlled by fear. I had to obey, or get beat or punished in awful ways. I was never measuring up to her expectations no matter how hard I tried. If she thought I was telling a lie, even if I was telling the truth, I would get punished until I confessed. What a mess! I had lost everything – my dignity, sense of worth and identity.
Yet long before I was born, God was thinking of me. After He flung this universe into existence, the first sin continued to plummet the entire human race into spiritual poverty, ruining their lives. God then promised to become one of us and give his own life blood as payment to redeem any who would want Him. And He did!
As a brand new first born, my parents lifted me up under the stars and consecrated me to God, which ironically, is what my name means. Yet, the choice for Him was still mine. As a young child I believed God existed, was very aware of death, and concerned that my friends would do the right things to get to heaven. God was calling to me from the start.
As homelife got worse, I was allowed to tell no-one or I would pay. I felt so alone. Yet God kept calling me, whispering hope in my heart, urging me to not give up… He worked through those who chose Him. These kind people took this single mom with 7 kids into their church and lavished food, clothes, and necessities on us, oblivious to the abuse. In this church I heard of Jesus who was perfectly God and died to rescue us from the results of sin. He also wanted to be my best friend, I was told. A best friend?! Who had a book written just to speak to me?! I devoured this book and silently screamed out for Him to rescue me. He was my only friend, the only one who really knew me.


What Changed?

At age 21 my 4 youngest siblings escaped to my Dad. I loyally stuck by my mom’s side. I was brainwashed that obeying my mom was tantamount to obeying God. And I wanted to please God more than anything. At age 23, tension between my mom and I increased. For two weeks, God was calling to me with increasing strength. All the Words in the Bible I had poured over for years were streaming through my mind nearly every second, night and day. It seemed as if I was surrounded by a surreal light.
And then during work one day, I began to feel sick with an awful premonition. After work, I didn’t want to go home right away, so stayed late pouring over my Bible, and talking to God. When I finally did get home my mom ordered me to do something. I couldn’t. I felt I had to spend some time with God. My mom was furious, to say the least. When she finally calmed down she sat me down and proceeded to tell me how if I obeyed her well enough, she could release me to make my own choices. The only time I couldn’t obey her was if she told me to reject Jesus. I held my tongue and God whispered truth into my heart. Satan had said the same thing – if Jesus would bow down and worship him, then Satan would give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. Ha! God’s Word is clear and leads me, but she said I was twisting it… She was telling me to reject Jesus, and to bow down and worship her as God!!!
All night, I hardly slept as a literal battle raged… over me. I sensed it with everything but my five senses. It was a battle that was in a realm I couldn’t explain, but more real – a spiritual realm. I knew it was God and Satan fighting over me. The choice was mine. Satan would hurl harsh and ugly accusations with all the venom I’d ever heard from my mom, trying to get me to surrender to him (or my mom) in shame. God drew me with kind and loving words. He whispered to my heart Psalm 45, “Come. Forget your mother’s house. Walk away. Come live in My courts, My palace, and My Kingdom. You are MY princess. You are beautiful. I love you. I will restore you and bring you true life and joy.”
What should I choose? Should I submit to shame and go back to everything I’ve always known? Or should I follow the desire of my heart to the One who loves me? That morning I knew. It was a scary step, but a big one. I chose the One who was offering to redeem my life. No longer was I a slave to my mom, worshipping her. He became my true God – my redeemer. His inheritance became mine too – power over sin and strength for doing right. One step at a time, I experienced more of His freedom. I got regular jobs, dressed in pants instead of prairie dresses, moved out, and went to college. I finally ended up at the Rock church, where God spoke to my heart to stay. I met my devoted and gracious husband there, and many genuine friends.


Who I Am Now

I now get to be a mom that I always longed for to a precious little girl and a boy on the way. Life is still a grueling hike at times. Currently I am in therapy for PTSD. This is helping to immensely rewire my brain so I no longer live in fearful survival mode. What helps now is realizing that no matter how tough life gets, God is always there whispering hope into my heart, and making me stronger. His good is truly greater than any evil in this world. He always wins over evil for those who let Him fight for them. One day, I am looking forward to meeting my amazing King face to face, and being with Him forever.


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