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Stories of Lives Liberated

Faces of Liberate – Dirk

I first met Dirk about three years ago as I attended a student group meeting on the University of Minnesota campus. Dirk was one of the leaders with the Rock church, and he was immediately kind and eager to encourage. He frequently stopped me to offer kind words and his support with whatever endeavor or goal I was pursuing, especially in the area of music. I saw him somewhat frequently from then on, and I got to witness the joy of his family at different gatherings, but I did not take much initiative to talk to him beyond general “hellos.”

As time went on, I found myself opening up to him. In fact, I distinctly recall a conversation I had with him and my friend Jes during the Super Bowl earlier this year. There, for the first time, I heard his vision for “Liberate.” With Bruno Mars front and center on the TV behind us, he mentioned the possibility of initiating an ongoing music concert series as another method of proclaiming the message of Liberate. Jes, as is typical of his character, was enthusiastic about the idea and had faith that Dirk would see his idea through. I admit that I was doubtful, and I left the conversation with some words to the effect of, “If it happens, I’ll take part, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.”

Oh, me of little faith! I confess that I have a certain habit of staring at the ground and believing that nothing is happening. But the reality is, as it was with Dirk and Liberate, people and ideas were already in motion. I soon came to find that Dirk had been praying about Liberate for more than a year before I had even heard talk of it.

To this day I continuously witness Dirk’s passion to proclaim the liberation that Jesus Christ offers to all, the liberation that Dirk has so jubilantly experienced himself. A dedicated worker, husband, and father of four, Dirk scavenges time to spread the message of Liberate. Whether discussing technical or organizational details or offering excited encouragement, Dirk’s joy and heart for the truth of God’s love is a driving force behind Liberate.

Dirk Spitznagle, the founder of Liberate, is carrying out the commission of Jesus Christ in an aim to reach the next generation. As Dirk has said:
The Liberate project allows us to tell the story of how God loved us, died for us, transformed us, met us where we were at with our sin, gave us hope and now have given us lives of love and purpose that we could never imagine.

Kurt Larson is inclined to writing out words and music as a way of wrestling with and growing in understanding of truth. He tends toward melancholy and introspection, and is thus grateful for the palette of personalities of his friends and family to help him better understand life. As much as Kurt enjoys the exhilaration of music, he is deeply grateful for the peace of early mornings and quiet evenings and groves of trees.