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Fit and Free

Society’s limit on achievement is the glass ceiling that gives a resting point for those who fail to have their achievements defined by others.
Calum Ross

March of 1984, Gay Brayant coined the term “Glass Ceiling.”  What she was referring to was an ‘invisible’ ceiling–hence glass–that prevented women and minorities from achieving executive positions.  A little back story: traditionally women were meant to be stay-at-home moms/wives.  When women entered the work force, they were welcomed by some and shunned by others.  Yet, they seemed incapable of rising above a set point.  They could attain positions in lower or mid-level management, but continued to beat their heads against this ‘glass ceiling’ that held them back.

This article is not about feminism or equality between men and women in the work force. Not at all.  This article is about  an interesting topic, the ‘glass ceiling,’ in correlation with basic human need: acceptance.

Who wants to be rejected?  Who wants to be unsuccessful? Does anyone want to work at a job they don’t like? Anyone want to be overweight or unattractive?

There seems to be a dream or ideal or standard, nowadays, that nobody–healthily–is able to achieve.

For women, being 10+ lbs underweight is the new ‘fit’ and hot.  Normal, healthy weight is the new ‘average’ or even slightly overweight.  There’s been a new term coined with much hype: Thigh gap.  You know, like when a girl stands with her feet together, there should be a gap between her inner thighs; which actually IS attainable with the good old anorexic diet or finger down the throat technique.

For men, today’s standard need look no farther than the check out line at Target where half-naked models pose with headlines such as “Her Secret Sex Thoughts,” “Get Sex Tonight,” “Lean Muscle Fast,” “Get Ripped,” “Stay young. Retire rich.”  I’d like to say I’m shocked or appalled seeing this headlines, but I’m not.  Are you?  Maybe appalled, but certainly not shocked.  It is today’s ‘standard.’ And if this society is trying to produce sex-crazed body builders, they should continue doing what they’re doing.

This world likes pretty things.  This world likes BMWs, thin skinny models, rich and ripped men.  Today’s standard in appearance, finance, fitness, career and talent leaves so many, SO MANY, people feeling embarrassed, ashamd, fat, ugly, unattractive, average, worthless, unworthy or even unloveable.

Why? Why would we allow ourselves to feel so inadequate when, let’s be honest here, most of us will never be  Cosmo or GQ models.  (Who says we need to be?)  I’m pretty awesome as I am.  (That was a joke because I’m super insecure and wish I were Cameron Diez or Jennifer Aniston, but also wish I didn’t wish that.)

Define or defy?

Should we be ‘defined’ by what the world tells us: how to look, dress, act, spend or live; or should we try to defy the unhealthy, thigh-gap, sex tonight men and women we’re not called to be?

The real question may just be then: Who is defining you?  or Whose opinion matters more?  When was the last time you felt secure, happy, content and confident in the man or woman you are?

Liberation comes in this:

“I have knit you in your mother’s womb. You are perfectly made” (Psalm 139:13-14).  “I have loved you and drawn you in everlasting love and kindenss” (Jeremiah 31:3).  “You are mine” (Isaiah 43:1).

This next verse might throw you for a loop, but read it open mindedly.

“I am the Lord your God. Put no gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3).

This verse emphasizes the point that God’s opinion matters more than any other opinion.  More than your opinion of yourself; more than your spouse’s opinion of you; more than the guy or girl you’re trying to get attention from and more than the world’s opinion of you.  When you put others’ opinion before God, when you put your opinion before God’s, you’re elevating someone above God.  Don’t do it.

Having been accepted as sons and daughters of Him the Most High, the Most Beautiful, we are to see ourselves the way our King sees us as handsome, talented, fit, beautiful, confident and perfectly made men and women.  We are no longer slaves to the ‘thigh gap’ or slaves to GQ’s standard.

We have been set free to be proud of our looks, confident in our bodies, attractive in the mirror, content in our finances and secure in our own skin.  If you’re ready to stop hitting your head against the glass ceiling of the world’s standards, choose to liberate your minds in the name of Christ and be set free from today’s standards.

Be free and beautiful being the man or woman God created you to be.


Words are not just a passion, it’s a way of life; like eating food or drinking water, so some people have such a need to write or sing or draw.  For Katie it’s writing.  With no greater desire in life than God, nature, people, horses and writing, Katie will ‘attempt’ to write- always- with the intent to fulfill what she believes God has put on her heart.  To Him alone be the glory.



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