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Stories of Lives Liberated

Go On, Take Your Freedom

This fall marks the beginning of my fifteenth year in academia. In all these, a relatively few number of topics have really gathered me – one being the ‘separation of church and state.’ Although crowds have both supported and defied the concept of removing spirituality from government and other public institutions for centuries, explicit policy didn’t formally arise on any mentionable scale until the 18th century. In fact, for much of our Anno Domini history, the two were interwoven (think monarchs).

People often interpret the policy as intending to distinguish the statues of religion from public affairs, because that is how it has been portrayed. The issue we face, however, is not that they have been disconnected – and truly they have been – but that one has been discarded. What began simply as refusing to require citizens to proclaim a particular religious belief has somehow evolved to removing any declaration of God from public display.

I’ve wondered long and hard on why the change has occurred. Frankly, it’s too complicated to get into (largely because I don’t even know the whole of the answer); but it’s certainly true that the relationship between Christianity and science has been deliberately muddied.

People are inclined to trust in what is familiar, whether legitimate or ill, and what is uninvolved. So, when creationists’ scientific findings are mocked and ignored in classrooms, for example, it makes sense that they are received with outright skepticism as long as modern scientific theories are seen as the only evidence for reality. But when any opposing thought is presented – especially at such an elementary degree – well, overcoming confirmation bias takes no small level of fortitude.

So, why have we set our hearts on revealing the truth about the influence of Christianity throughout history and in our world today? These stories – like those to appear in subsequent posts, which have not recently been celebrated, remembered, nor even recognized – are absolutely foundational to understanding the current climate of America. Thus, this blog has surfaced as a platform for us to publicize these many people whose motivation has defined the world we live in and these many events which impart great understanding regarding the lives we live today. It is our strong conviction that these stories illustrate untold realities of the past, present, and future. Airing the Christian perspective, that you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32) is the longing of our hearts.

Without a proper understanding of Truth, you can never be free: not from your fears, nor your failures; not from your pride, nor from your greed; not from your disobedience, nor your discouragement.

We can’t be the only ones who want your freedom. You have to want it, too. Only, don’t stop at wanting your freedom, go on and take it.

“I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself.” – C.S.Lewis 

As a student, Taylor Vollmer has realized the value of a dissenting opinion to understanding. Not claiming to be more or less qualified than any other, his studies shed light on things grossly depreciated.

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