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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once a rebellious, stubborn girl that hopped around between relationships. Now washed clean through Christ and lived knowing the blessed life I’ve been given.


Who I Was Before Christ:

I grew up going to church with my grandparents.  I was taught right from wrong and knew about Jesus.  I was still rebellious, stubborn and a huge people pleaser.  I had a lot of boyfriends throughout my school days.  In High School I had boyfriends Freshman and Sophomore year where I just wanted to please them and feel loved by them which lead me down paths that I knew were wrong. It was my Junior year that was my hardest and most changing. I had been involved with a guy who at first seemed very sweet and loving.  After a short while of dating he became very possessive of me and would commonly have me followed to outings and events we didn’t attend together.  He began to be both physically and emotionally abusive.  With the help of my best friend the relationship was thankfully ended.

What Changed?:

It was the late Spring of my Junior year of High School my uncle took me to a church conference.  In listening to the main messages by Pastor Mark Darling, I just knew I wanted God to love me and I wanted to change the direction I was allowing my life to go.  At this point I just wasn’t sure this Jesus I had known about could forgive me.  I had gone to other church conferences where I slowly learned more and began accepting more about Jesus’ forgiveness and true love and sacrifice for me.  As I went to college I was surrounded by an amazing group of believers who  had shown more love than I had ever really experienced before.

Who I Am Now:

I have been married for 12+ years to the most amazing man!  He continually challenges me and shows me he loves me.  I am continually blessed by his sacrifice for me and our family.  We have 2 amazing boys and will have our 3rd child this August.  I am blessed to be able to stay at home with our kids!  I still struggle with being a people pleaser and am FAR from perfect, but I know my God loves me, will never leave me, and that I am washed clean of my sins through the blood of Christ.


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