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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once a young man finding his security through the acceptance of others. Now a father and husband finding out that Christ’s love and forgiveness is no match against the approval of man.


Who I Was Before Christ

Some of my best memories are found growing up on the farm, with five great siblings, and parents who loved me. We attended church and fit the mold of a good “Christian” family. But by age ten my world was turned upside down by the unexpected separation and eventual divorce of my parents. I was put in the position of choosing one parent over the other. Respect for my parents and the belief that I was part of a special family was re-defined. The term Christian was quickly tarnished after learning the details of my parent’s separation. Through my teen years I attended several different churches with a high degree of hesitancy and fear that I was part of a fallacy. We would gather under the pretense of being Christians, but everything was so convoluted in my eyes after a variety of experiences during my youth. I was confused and really had no idea of who, where, or what to place my trust and faith in. During these years I was determined to be a good kid and give the appearance that everything was fine. But I was searching. I found worth through athletics, working jobs, being a good kid, and finding my identity through the friends I hung out with.


What Changed?

Between attending college, moving to Omaha, and then back to Minnesota shortly thereafter, I crossed paths with some great men who were willing to invest themselves in my life. They challenged me to reflect on the impact that Christ had in my life. I realized that I was minimizing Him. It was during this time of transition that I knew I needed a church home that provided encouragement, accountability, and had a mission of sharing the simple, yet life changing story of Jesus. A church called The Rock quickly met my needs and prayers.


Who I Am Now

During these years I came to understand the true identity and impact that Jesus can have in one’s life. There was a difference between living out the rituals of being a Christian and having a real relationship with Christ. I decided that being “good enough” wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I needed to set my own personal agenda aside and allow Christ to direct my life. His direction has taken me down a path of being FULLY ACCEPTED.
Life Verse: Matthew 7:21 21 Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven. Simply calling Me “Lord” will not be enough. Only those who do the will of My Father who is in heaven will join Me in heaven.


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