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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once a lost, know it all “Christian” kid. Now redeemed by God to live by faith.

Who I Was Before Christ:

Growing up my life was centered around me. I was a very selfish and prideful person. At the same time, I grew up going to church each Sunday and participating in the things that all good “Christian” kids do. Even though my actions on the outside appeared nice, I was really living to do things that I wanted – things like computer games, spending my money, sports and activities, and thinking about girls. I never ran with the wrong crowd or was ever at ends with my parents. In the eyes of the world, I was by all means a “good” Christian kid doing all the right things. But at the heart of the matter, I was rebellious toward God, claiming lordship over my life, doing whatever made me feel good about myself.

What Changed?:

It was in 5th grade that I started to understand the seriousness of my sin. At the end of the school year, I had blatantly disobeyed my teacher. I knew I wronged both God and my teacher. I understood that breaking God’s command had a penalty, which was death and separation from God. It became clear to me that Jesus, who did not sin, had died for my sin so that I didn’t have to. I thought of it as though it were an advanced technology. It was here that my faith in Christ began. But it was not until high school that I realized that true faith and trust in Jesus doesn’t just know and believe what is true, it requires giving up your own will to follow Jesus with your whole life. And so, I gave my life fully to Christ and decided to follow him wherever he would lead me – no matter what.

Who I Am Now:

Since deciding to follow Christ, I am no longer bound by my sin. I don’t feel the guilt and shame for the selfish things I have done – as Jesus paid for that in my place. I am no longer the “good” Christian kid that does the right things on the outside. Rather, I am truly free to live to please God with my actions internally, which then follow externally. My heart is set on putting Christ first in my life rather than me! That is kind of a crazy thought, but it is the best choice I have made. Seriously, I need to refocus my attention on Christ daily, as this world pulls at me. I love the good news that Jesus brings, and my life has never been the same since I first understood that love.

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