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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once desperate to find love, seeking to fit in, broken girl. Now fully loved, accepted and complete!


Who I Was Before Christ

My Mom raised me my whole life; I lost my Dad to a heart attack when I was only 10 months old. My mom did find love again and as a child I loved him like a Dad. Over time, he turned out to be a jerk.
I was a good kid growing up, I attended church but I thought it was very boring. I didn’t like the music or the messages. When I got into Junior High I started skipping classes, stealing, sleeping with boys. I guess this was all an attempt to fit in. I was overweight and I was not the most popular kid in school. I so wanted to be popular. I was boy crazy at the time too and I desperately wanted someone to love me. The boyfriends I had never treated me the way I wanted to be treated. I ended up being used for my body and I was never that Special Girl that I wanted to be.
During High School my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was the one taking care of her. After I graduated from High School she lost her battle to breast cancer. I pretty much lost it, I wanted to jump through the window of the hospital and kill myself. I had lost my best friend and after she died my life went downhill. My step dad abandoned me in Downtown Minneapolis. My aunt took me in for a while, but I ended up moving back and forth between my aunt’s and my best friends place. In finally landed in a group home because my aunt and I were not getting along. I ended up staying there for 10 years and I did not like it at all. My freedom was gone. I did get my own place again and things started to change. I was working for an insurance company downtown and a co-worker who was a Christian told me that I should go to church. I didn’t argue with them and the very next week I went to The Rock and absolutely fell in love with it.


What Changed?

I started attending church (The Rock) regularly and got involved with small groups and ministries. I knew that my life had to change and it did. I still had struggles I have to admit. I struggled with comparing myself to the pretty girls and I wanted to be just like them. But my attitude had to change, and as I was growing in my faith, my attitude DID change. I began to grasp that it is not about the outward appearance but what God is doing on the inside. The heart is what matters the most and I have to remember that this is not High school this is Church and that you are accepted no matter what you look like. God made me for who I am and the way he wanted me to be. God has really grown me over the yrs. My trust with people was affecting my ability to trust God. Over time I knew the only person I could trust was God. I started to believe that I can trust God and that He has everything under control. I also know that He will never leave me, like so many others have in my life.


Who I Am Now

I strive everyday to be the woman God wants me to be. I have to daily hand my life over to God and let Him lead me. I put my faith and trust in God alone.


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