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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once a foolish girl who had it all and thought she knew it all. Now a servant hearted wife and mother learning and living for Christ and family.


Who I Was Before Christ:

Before I was truly committed to Christ, I thought that I already knew all there was to know about Him and had all the answers. I grew up in a fairly wealthy family and I was the pastors daughter. I was blessed with an easy life. I grew up in the church and attended a private Christian school, so I thought I had the whole Christian thing mastered. But in reality, I was just a proud teenage child who thought she was above the rules she knew so well. I didn’t read my Bible for myself, I didn’t try and reach out to others and I didn’t listen to my parents when it came to relationships. I thought I was so holy, but every day that I stayed away from my Bible I was drawing away from the Lord and every time I pushed the boundaries in my relationships I came away feeling dirty. I knew what I should do but I just wouldn’t do it.

What Changed?:

The summer that changed my life was the year I graduated high school and went on a missions trip to Nepal. I knew no one going into it, and the program we went through was like a spiritual and physical boot camp. I was homesick and the only person I could turn to was the Lord. Every day we had time specifically set aside for personal devotions and for group scripture memorization. Discipline was not an option. I learned more scripture than I ever had before. I was convicted of the sinful choices I had been making in my relationship back home and ended it. I finally felt what it was like to be in love with my Savior. To talk to Him like a friend, to actually meditate on his words, and to share his story with the lost people of Nepal. I have never experienced as much joy as I did that summer when I truly connected with my Lord and saw Him work in my life, answer my prayers and change my heart!

Who I Am Now:

Now, I can truly say that my desire is for the Lord’s will to be done in my life. I am a married woman with a child of my own and I long to see that same joy-filled relationship with the Lord in my husband’s and my son’s lives. Instead of thinking that I know it all and am above the rules, I now understand how very little I know of His greatness and how much there is to learn about my God. I desire to obey Him with my life and I love the task he has given me at home of serving my man and my boy. I feel so blessed to be a part of a church body (The Rock) that is always there for me and is constantly encouraging me to grow in my faith and in my God given role. The joy of the Lord has transformed my life as I have grown from a foolish child into a woman desiring God.

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