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Stories of Lives Liberated

What I Mean By “Liberated”

I have been liberated by Jesus Christ.

If you don’t think you understand what I mean by this, let me tell you what I mean. If you think you understand what I mean by this, let me tell you what I actually mean.

God created this world, and it was immediately, fully good. Life was completely pleasant: no stress of deadlines, no unfair expectations, no heartache from broken relationships, no anger, no jealousy, no depression, no need. With people’s rebellion from God came the invitation of sin into the world (i.e. they unwittingly invited a horrifying array of pain and decay into every aspect of existence). Now we – in the here and now, and because of this thing called sin – seek out various ways to soften the reality of life’s decay. Whether we are merely trying to escape the dullness of boredom or running from the misery of abuse, sin has brought an inescapable decay.

Personally, my retreat was to self-pity, to hoping that others would bestow honor on me in recognizing “how hard I had it.” I turned to alcohol and careless living, thinking that an unending “night on the town” would numb my pain. I turned to music, seeking to forget reality by listening intently to beautiful sounds. Other turn to drugs, relationships, sex, ambition, money, strength… fill in the blank.

Reader, pay attention! The power of sin and decay is healed only by Jesus Christ. Jesus is not merely a nice guy who did some nice things. He wrote out our existence. Galaxies, human bodies, sound, sight – everything in existence was made through Jesus Christ. And when sin separated us from the life-giving relationship we had with our Creator, Jesus himself took on our pain and our mistakes and our abuse so that we could escape an imminent death and so that we would have enduring and satisfying life with Him.

Sin, in its many guises, hinders our ability to choose and causes us to do things of great harm. It does so by compelling us to seek solace in things that cannot give it: substances, behaviors, situations, relationships. Even at its most subtle and deceptive, sin compels us to ignore the true character of the God who created and loves us.

Christ frees us!
When I accepted the reality of Christ, my eyes were opened to the ineffectiveness of my former habits. Through Christ’s power in me, I can actually kick these habits. And as my body gets older and closer to dying, I know that I will have an undying life in the presence of the Creator, an undying life that is completely and exceptionally pleasant and satisfying.

This is what I mean when I say I am liberated by Jesus Christ.

Kurt Larson is inclined to writing out words and music as a way of wrestling with and growing in understanding of truth. He tends toward melancholy and introspection, and is thus grateful for the palette of personalities of his friends and family to help him better understand life. As much as Kurt enjoys the exhilaration of music, he is deeply grateful for the peace of early mornings and quiet evenings and groves of trees.