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Once an insecure, rule-following wallflower searching to be included. Now a confident, purpose-driven introvert saved and accepted by a loving God with a new desire to serve and love others.


Who I was before Christ

I was raised in a wonderful Christian home with amazing parents. My upbringing was full of love, direction and a firm foundation. I am naturally very shy and an extreme introvert. I was saved and came to know Christ at a young age but I didn’t really know how to have a deep relationship with God. I am a natural born rule follower and I love to follow the rules put before me. One reason I didn’t know how to have a relationship with God was because I thought I was doing the right things. I followed all of the rules and I looked at myself as a very good person. I followed all of the religious rules so I didn’t feel the need to reach out to God and pray or read my bible often. I found my faith was shallow. Despite all of the love and confidence building found in my home, I found myself being very insecure and hard on myself. No amount of rule following could give me true confidence and self-acceptance. I found myself in my second year of college self-absorbed and so emotionally stuck I found myself friendless and lonely. I knew something needed to change and the only person I could rely on was God. I met my breaking point and knew change was coming.


What changed?

I was invited to The Rock Church by my cousin and his wife (Lucas). When I first visited The Rock it was way too overwhelming. I was girl with no friends and being surrounded by so many outgoing and joyful people was too much. I started attending Bloomington Evergreen, a sister church of The Rock and that is where God started to soften my heart. About 12 months later I was ready and willing to try The Rock out again and this time my heart was ready to start friendships and put myself out there. To my surprise these people accepted me. They loved me for who I was and where I was at in my life. I learned to interact with people again and I saw God in their lives. And their relationship with God was personal. And that drew me into God in a whole new way. The Bible became alive to me and things I had previously skimmed in my Bible became so profound and the word of God became a lifeline for me.

I learned on a personal level what Jesus death on the cross meant to me. He saved ME. It is not enough to just follow the rules. That doesn’t save anyone. His death and resurrection went from a conceptual level to a heart level for me. I felt and knew that event saved me from my sins. Being a good person didn’t mean I didn’t sin. And even one sin erased all of the good I did on my own. But with Jesus Christ my slate is washed white as snow. Instead of following the rules I now follow what the word of God says out of obedience to Him because of my great love for Him. He changed my heart and gave me a new desire to follow Him and not just follow the rules. “And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart” Ezekiel 36:26


Who I am now

The people I met and deep friendships I made when starting at The Rock changed my life. God used those people to show me that having friendships—true and real friendships was something my life needed more than I knew. And I found God as a friend and father. I have a relationship with a living, loving and gracious God. I am a wife of an amazing man and we serve God together as a family. Instead of being the wallflower I once was I love to engage with people and be in relationship with people. I realize that God totally and completely accepts me for who I am and who he intricately created me to be. I am always growing in my relationship with him. Don’t get me wrong, I am still an introvert. I need my time to recharge and spend alone. But being alone isn’t an excuse for my own insecurity, it is a way to recharge and do what God has called me to in this life.


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