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Stories of Lives Liberated



Once a girl bound by schedules and living without purpose. Now, a child of the King of Kings, living in the freedom of Christ.

Who I Was Before Christ:

I grew up not really believing in anything/anyone. I attended a Catholic Church, but that was that. I was living for myself and always had so much to do. I couldn’t take time to dwell on anything. I had a go, go, go mindset. I filled and overfilled my schedule with seemingly important activities; yet I always felt that there was something missing. In college I developed a personal relationship with Christ, and after I did, there was no stopping it. I was part of leadership teams, led Bible studies and loved it. There was always something for me to do, but I still never had time to spare.

What Changed?:

I reached a point in life where God literally closed every door on me. I had nothing to do except be with Him. At first I was angry and closed off, but then He filled me with His peace as I spent time with Him. I no longer cared if everything got done. I felt more accomplished during quiet times than I did throughout the day; and started longing for His presence more and more. I was learning so much about God and His love for us and finally understanding that nothing we’ve done or will do will do can change that.

Who I Am Now:

It will always be a struggle for me to find enough time to do everything I want, but God is turning my desires into His desires. He has given new meaning to my life, and I am so grateful for that. I now know that none of these earthly things matters if I’m not loving and living for God. I no longer strive to live for the empty satisfaction of living for myself. Through God I am complete and completely satisfied.

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