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Stories of Lives Liberated

Why Pain Exists

Pain tells us there is a problem and then compels us to take action before the problem kills us.

Consider the following scenarios:

1) Pain tells us we have stepped on a piece of glass and that the flow of blood must be stopped.
2) Pain tells us we have held our breath long enough and that oxygen must be taken in.
3) Pain tells to we are standing too close to the fire and that a step must be taken away.

Pain draws our attention to from less-concerning matters to ones that have the potential to threaten our life. If we choose to ignore the cause of the pain, we eventually succumb to the effect of its presence in our lives. So, we address the problem in order that we might continue to live in a manner that is satisfying.

Regardless of our successful rebound from the physical pain we encounter, we are all surely dying of something more chronic and consuming. Whereas glass pierces our skin and draws out blood from our bodies, sin has pierced our existence and has drawn from an otherwise enduring life.

Humans began their existence connected with the source of life. When we detached ourselves from the source by means of sin, we allowed pain and death to enter all of existence. God, the creator of life, then entered into our existence in order to address and prevent our impending death. Through his son, Jesus Christ, God took on physical death and spiritual pain, which resulted from his bearing humanity’s sin to reconnect the life-source that we had severed.

We experience pain because sin pierced us. God, unpierced by sin, chose to personally experience pain to make it possible for us to be reconnected to his enduring life-source. Even when we accept this reconnection, however, our physical bodies remain in this world, along with all the nose bleeds and threatening words. When we leave this world, as all do, those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, will receive the inheritance of God’s children and live an enduring life; life with no trauma, no loss, no pain, and no death.

In this present time, when we experience pain, let us turn our attention from less-concerning matters and acknowledge that sin wounded us and brought death into existence. Let us then accept the truth of Jesus Christ, sent by God to heal and reconnect us to His enduring Life-source.

Kurt Larson is inclined to writing out words and music as a way of wrestling with and growing in understanding of truth. He tends toward melancholy and introspection, and is thus grateful for the palette of personalities of his friends and family to help him better understand life. As much as Kurt enjoys the exhilaration of music, he is deeply grateful for the peace of early mornings and quiet evenings and groves of trees.

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